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Welcome to Portland Medical Practice


Have you woken up feeling 'under the weather' or are you suffering from a common problem or illness such as conjunctivitis, a cough, common cold, insect bites etc? 

Remember you can receive advice and/or treatment WITHOUT needing to see a GP via the following methods:

  • Register for Pharmacy First- all of our local pharmacists are trained to treat many simple everyday illnesses and problems- if you don't usually pay for prescriptions, any medications you may need will be free! 
  • Call NHS 111.... By simply dialling 111!
  • Visit the Walsall (or other local) Walk in Centre- Walsall's is situated near the top of Walsall market and is open until 8.00pm most days and at weekends. 
  • Telephone the Practice and ask for advice from one of our Nurse Prescribers in our 'Nurse Triage clinic' each morning. 

Also please note that Accident and Emergency Departments are ONLY for genuine Accident or emergency cases. 

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Portland Medical Practice

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Information from the Care Quality Commission

Our practice is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure we are meeting essential standards of quality and safety.

This widget provides a summary of the results of the latest checks carried out by the CQC.

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